Oniric-Binaural landscapes,
In my own way Series

Home is a powerful word that is present in the perpetual existential search of each being. In a fanciful dream-like staging, my landscapes trace paths, intertwined with colorful flowers that gain saturation and volume, in surreal situations, or elements that man longs to possess or achieve, as a balance to the spiritual peace, needed to face a daily routine. In three parallel series (Binaural-Dreamscapes, In My Way, and Off the Grid), small and medium format landscapes I started creating before the Pandemic, and still ongoing. Artworks are done on acrylic, oil pastels, soft pencils, oil, charcoal, collage/vinyl, canvas, heavyweight paper, or Canson Canvas textured paper. Focused on the inner world, they are a contemporary way of reflecting my landscapes using elements of Japonisme, just as the Impressionists incorporated it into their works, providing a new way of understanding art as a means of transmitting feelings, emotions and communication. In some works I refer to an industry that gained strength in the United States in the 1930s, as a symbol of the American dream, with its correlate of comfort and prosperity, using vinyl to upholster walls that serve as a support in some works, in addition to incorporating multicultural elements, details that contribute to the sociocultural environment of our communities. Going away from Home, carrying it in your thoughts or arriving Home -physically or spiritually- is like dressing the wall, the house, the Tipi; of each inhabitant of the earth and throughout history. A metaphorical tribute to global culture.

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