• Cowry Art Studio

Cowry Art studio, 2020/21 - Our experience during the Covid Pandemic

Before the end of 2019, Cowry Art Studio opened a new space in North Miami, FL. It was intended to make an alternative site to show collective exhibitions and Contemporary Art Projects, with local and national artists. Artists who, despite having a lot of talent and solid works, have not had the opportunity to get invited to show in Museums, Galleries or Art Fairs of the many that take place each year in this city. Projecting events, publishing or promoting the selection of their works, takes time and budget. The pandemic had just begun and then, throughout 2020-21, the exhibitions that preceded it, were held and supported only by the two artists who still running Cowry Art Studio. They have made a great job to promote the curated exhibitions. Also Cowry Studio curatorial team, held some meetings with other artists studios and art spaces with the aims to collaborate with other colleagues and art spaces, obtain support from Art Institutions or local governments, but finally Cowry Art Studio decide by itself to run along, all the way up. Starting a new concept just before the next Art Season in Miami. Stay tuned by Arts Basel and Art Miami, 2021/2022