Morning Walk in the History Garden
Banco Central de Cuba, since 1997
Island in the Stream
Mangos de Baraguá
A Hop and a Plum
Matilda y los japoneses
Great Cuban Nude
"Betty, Pepe y Misha, con la guardia
Electric Boots
(Unripe) Bananas is my Business
Synthesis – Antithesis No.1
Synthesis – Antithesis No.2
El olor de la guayaba
Aporia in Blue and Orange
Aporia in Red and Green
Aporia in Yellow and Violet
Aporia in Green and Red
The Dark Night of the Soul
Yawning All The Way to Heaven
Who’s Next in Line
Mira lo que te trajo Santa
The All-seeing Girl
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Aporia in Red and Green

2015, acrylic, oil pastel on canvas, 65” x 64.5”